In this article, I’m gonna give you 20 channel ideas that are actually ready to explode in 2020 in very popular hot niches. And these channels can actually give you money outside of just Google Ads aka the ads you see on YouTube.

#1 A planner channel.

If you guys are someone that plans out your week to a tee or if you just know exactly how to get things done very efficiently, you can start a planning channel. People actually go to YouTube to look up how to plan their week or day! You could create a planner channel and also sell some type of digital course teaching people how to plan their week. This is actually a very viable business opportunity for 2020. It has been for the last couple of years but just search on YouTube planning my week or plan with me and you will see a ton of very viral videos all about how to use a planner effectively.

#2 How To Study

You would think that nobody would look this up and they’d rather just study. You might be very wrong about that! Just go on Youtube & type in ‘How To Study’ or ‘How To Get Straight A’s’ and will you see a large niche on Youtube!

#3 Budgeting

Life is all about spending carefully and saving the rest for a bad day! You can start a niche budgeting channel, for example, how to budget for military families or how to budget for stay-at-home moms. You could target that one specific person and all of your videos would cater to that person’s needs. Then when you go to sell them on some type of like an online course or a coaching thing then your audience would be much more likely to buy.

#4 Mommy channel

This is a very hot niche which has really boomed in the past 2 years. There are so many mommy channels that are popping up left and right. But like I said, the more niche the better. You can talk about maybe budgeting tips for moms or specifically baby care videos like ‘how to prepare and raise a newborn baby’ or ‘all about baby sleep’ or ‘how to stimulate babies brains’.

#5 Fitness channel

Fitness in itself is oversaturated but people say riches are in the niches! But you can create a fitness channel for

  • people that have never worked out a day in their life
  • people that have never stepped on a treadmill
  • or never have gone for a run since maybe middle school

#6 Meal planning channel

This could be meal planning for college students, moms of large families, thin people that want to bulk up or baby meal ideas. As long as you stick to one central theme, your channel has such a greater chance of growing. When you try and reach everybody, you end up reaching nobody! So be super targeted with your video.

#7 Organization Channel

You can teach how to organize closets, college bedroom, your dorm room, or even your garage. The possibilities are endless in the organization space

#8 How to grow on social media

Social media is just getting started even though it feels like it’s taken over. Everyone is eventually going to switch from traditional media to social media. So if you have any knowledge of Instagram growth, YouTube growth, Pinterest blogging, your channel can grow fast.

#9 Home Decor Tips

If you niche down far enough, you could cater to people exactly like you in your circumstance. Instead of just having a generalized home decor channel, you could explore farmhouse home decor or minimalist home decor, etc. You can definitely cater to something that you’re interested in but also make sure its niche down enough.

#10 Tech review channel

We all have iPhones, we all probably have a computer and you don’t have to have a ton of money to do tech review channels. You could even review apps on your phone or things that you use in your everyday life.

#11 Dietary-focused meal planning or food channel

If you just did a random Food Channel that would be so generalized and would probably be really hard to grow in 2020. So a vegan food channel, paleo or keto or any trending diet can be something to focus on.

#12 Kids meal planning

If you have children in school and if you will have them in school, this could be the one for you. You could do toddler lunches, baby food ideas dif organic meals, sauces or salad dressings!

#13 Cleaning Channel

Moms particularly but people in general on YouTube are cleaning their houses and filming it. Just look up cleaning videos on Youtube and you will see thousands of viral videos. Other people are so interested because they need the motivation to clean their own homes.

#14 Gardening Channel

If you cut your grass outside, grow vegetables in your backyard or like in a unique environment, you can niche down that way as well. A gardening channel would be a great one.

#15 Homeschool channel

If you’re a homeschool mom or dad, you can put together a homeschool study room. Or you can create a channel centered around home school tips for kids and you can eventually sell your own courses all about how to homeschool effectively.

#16 9 to 4 corporate life

You could have a channel dedicated to getting a job in the corporate world. You can discuss interview tips and tricks, or document your job. A lot of people are searching on YouTube for their specific job. What can really make you stand out is talking about your career and how you can help other people get there.

#17 College-based channel idea

Don’t do something generic s daily vlogging but you could teach high schoolers how to get into college, or SAT tips, or how they can position themselves to get into a good college

#18 Meditation channel

Meditation is actually very 2019 and 2020. It is something that is just on the rise. So if you are a person that meditates, you can create guided meditations. and post them on YouTube or you can even teach people how to meditate.

#19 Travel ideas in your area

We all live somewhere! There may be people searching on YouTube for things to do in your city. You could even partner with local hotels and if you refer someone to their hotel they might give you an affiliate commission. There are endless ways to make money as one that recommends travel tips and tricks on YouTube.

#20 Hobby

If you are into fishing, knitting, running, etc, you can have a channel dedicated to your hobby. Niche down even further so if you are a person that likes to fish but you like to fish in the ocean, you could have a channel dedicated to ocean fishing. Or if you’re a person that likes to bake but you only like to bake using gluten-free ingredients, you can have a channel dedicated to recipes that are all gluten-free. So the options are endless.

You know by now that the key is to get as niche as possible. So you might think that the more views and the more attraction you get to your channel the more money you make. But I promise you that is not the case always.

The more niche you get, the better it is. This is because when you’re very focused in a certain niche and you’re targeted towards one type of person, you can eventually sell them systems online programs, a coaching package or a one-on-one service package. And those people are way more likely to buy because you are speaking directly to them.