Looking for ways to get your followers on Instagram to interact with you?

Do you want to get feedback or suggestions on Instagram from your followers in a quick and cost-effective way?

In this article, you’ll learn how to create polls in Instagram Stories, how to analyze the results and see how the Pros use it.

Why Instagram Stories For A Poll?

Despite having multiple other social media platforms, many experts and professionals prefer to use Instagram as their preferred platform to run a Poll. There are, in fact, many important benefits that lead to this decision. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Instagram Story Polls:

  • Know your Customers: Whether you own a small company or you provide some service, it is important to know how your customers react to your products or services or what kind of expectation they have from your product.
  • Interact with your Followers: It is important to keep in touch with your followers on Instagram. This will let you know how they find your posts and how eager they are to view your next post or how good they have been your posts till now.
  • Reaching your Audience: Polls on Instagram allows you to interact with your audience directly which means you get important and valuable information on how you need to go ahead with your new project.
  • Branding: Understanding your customers is essential but it is also important to let your customers know about your brand. They need to know the brand they are following, the brand they use and get a chance to interact as well.
  • Starting something new: Everyone on Instagram uses stories to showcase where they have been, what they are doing, or what product they are going to launch, their latest endeavor, etc. but asking your audience and customers about their opinion can certainly provide a new angle to your new product launch or your service. This will let you reach your customers a lot easier and know what they think about your product or service. 

How To Add A Poll On Instagram?

To add a poll to your Instagram, you need to follow the steps given below:

#1 Create an Instagram story

Instagram only allows you to add a poll to your story.

While creating the story, add any doodles, filters, emojis, text, etc. you want, but sure to leave enough place to add the poll later on. 

#2 Create the Poll

Once you have created your Instagram story, now it’s time to add Poll to your Story. Click on the ‘Camera’ icon on the top left and choose the ‘Create’ option. Swipe right till you reach the ‘Ask a Question’ Screen. This will provide you with a screen where you need to put your question along with the poll box having “Yes / No” option. You need to add your question now!

#3 Customize your Poll

The only challenger with the Poll on an Instagram story is that you can have only 2 response options. So, you have to choose your options carefully while asking a question. That being said, there are ways in which you can customize your options. For example, it is not limited to “Yes / No”. You can actually add any text you want; just remember that it allows you to use a maximum of 26 characters per option. 

#4 Place the Poll

Once you are done with the customization you can click on the “DONE” button right at the top right corner of your computer or mobile. Now the poll sticker will be put right in the center of your story on Instagram. Like any other sticker, you can choose to put the poll sticker anywhere on your story and more importantly you can choose to make it large or small by pinching the sticker.

#5 Share the story

Once done, you can now add your post to your Instagram story and you are done. Now as and when any visitor scrolls through your story he or she will be able to view the poll as well and will be able to mark their choice. In case someone is viewing a poll for the first time, they will get a pop-up to understand what the poll is all about.

Analytics & Stats

Once you have posted your story and your poll is live, you need to turn on the push notification for Instagram on your smartphone. This will allow you to receive a notification on your phone in case someone votes.

Once you open your story post, you can find the viewer’s list at the bottom. Tap on it and you can choose to swipe up to see the post analytics. On the analytics page, you can find two icons for each and every story post. Click on the “eye” icon; this will allow you to view all people who have viewed your post and as well as those who put a vote as well.

How To Make The Best Of Instagram Polls?

In order to have the maximum success from your Instagram polls, it is best that you follow a few simple steps like:

– Never position the poll on the top left corner of your story. This is the place for your Avatar and you do not want it blocked by your poll. 
– Make sure that your questions are clear and straightforward. 
– Try to use relevant emojis in your poll.
– You can include videos in your story to make your polls easily understandable. 

It’s certainly good to have customers/audience liking and following you on Instagram but you may need something more than just a post for more engagement. This is exactly where polls can be a real good way to interact and communicate with your audience and customers. Here’s a guide on Facebook polls that have similar benefits.

Examples Of Good Instagram Polls

#1 H&M’s Design Poll

Nyden, an offshoot eCommerce brand from H&M collaborated with 10 influencers to poll designs with their followers. Nyden used the poll results to decide what its next collection would be.

#2 Airbnb Promotions

Airbnb incited curiosity in their followers by asking them to guess where the picture was taken in. They followed up with the answer and then used the ‘See More’ call-to-action to lead their followers to their Taiwan listings.

#3 LetterFolk & Content Ideas

LetterFolk an e-commerce stationery brand asked their followers if they wanted to see more behind-the-scenes of their operations. A majority of their followers’ votes yes which gave LetterFolk get clarity on what their audience was interested in.

Remember that you can only create polls via a story on Instagram. And you can only give your followers two options to choose from. You can use this feature in many exciting ways such as- driving traffic to your website, getting feedback on a product/service, educating your followers and more!