This is the first of a series discussing brands who are killing it on Instagram. There’s a lot we can learn as marketers and apply these lessons to our own projects/jobs!


Pacvac began operations in Perth, Western Australia in 1978, designing and manufacturing cleaning products for the Australian commercial cleaning market. Today, they distribute extensive cleaning range across the world and are sought after as the leading brand for backpack vacuum cleaners.

Take a look at their Instagram profile.

instagram pacvac

Instagram Style:

Being an established company doing millions in sales, we can safely assume that Pacvac will have access to the best designers and strategists out there. But their Instagram is fairly new with 187 posts (at the time of writing this post.)

They didn’t have the best feed at the beginning of their posting. Quite typical for a dull product-based company right?

But they got really good in after a while:

Halloween & Vacuums?! Who would have taught these two entities could be moulded together so well.

Content Ideas & Inspiration:

Now even if you don’t have a fancy team to build your Instagram, we can always learn from people who are doing it well for free. These are the kind of Instagram posts Pacvac usually uploads which you can use for your brand:

  • Testimonials:

Recommendations are still a relevant marketing channel in 2019. According to Nielsen research,

“92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.”

  • Funny Stuff:

Can Vacuum cleaners be funny? Yep:

Humour can be found in anything and your audience will respond. This post got about 20 comments and 200 likes and they only have 1000 followers.

  • Showcase your product (in a non-boring way):

Original images are key. Do not overuse stock images from Unsplash/Pexel/Pixabay. Millions of people use those images and it does not remain unique for long.

  • Design:

The content is good however the design differentiates it from other product Instagrams. They have stuck to use pastel or soft color scheme throughout their feed.

  • Brand it:

Show your brand name/logo wherever possible:

Marketing a vacuum cleaner on Instagram is not an easy task. It’s probably not as exciting as marketing for Sephora or Nike, but doing it well is possible.

Do you know of other such brands who are killing it on Instagram? Let me know in the comments.