Etsy Shop SEO – What you should know!

Getting your Etsy store ready is really easy but having a store does not guarantee that you will start getting huge sales right away. To do so, you have to reach your potential customers and that is exactly where SEO comes into play. Optimizing your product list available on the Etsy store will surely help increase visibility to your potential audience, and most certainly, will boost your sales as well.

How does SEO for Etsy sellers work?

If you do some research on Etsy you will see that it uses mainly 2 things while running the search algorithm: Query Matching and Ranking. 

A. Query matching

It’s a pretty simple process. Etsy runs a query to find an accurate match to the user search amongst its listings. But there are few parameters that play an important role: Title, Attributes, Tags, and certainly Categories. 

B. Ranking

Once Etsy has the matching list, it ranks them based on the likelihood of the buyer’s choice. To do so, Etsy calculates quite a few factors:

Relevance: Relevance of a particular listing is really important. Etsy will choose the closest match depending on the relevance of your listing and buyer’s search.

Listing Quality: This particular metric is a bit difficult to determine as it is calculated based on the conversion rate of the listing. For obvious reasons, if your listing has a higher conversion rate, your listing rank will be better.

Listing Age: Newer listings certainly have a part to play in this particular metric. It is assumed that a new listing has a better ranking possibility than an old listing but this boost only lasts for a day or two after you list a new product.

Shipping: This is another aspect where Etsy is slightly biased towards its buyers. They will compare multiple listings with the same match criteria so as to find the best shipping facility for the users. So in this case, if you are able to offer free shipping, you might have an edge over your competitors.

Translations & Language: This is another important aspect to look after in case you have international buyers. Although Etsy uses automatic translators to match buyer’s language, but having a listing with manual translation will certainly be easier for the buyers to find their choice of product and most certainly Etsy will provide a better ranking to those listings.

So how do you go about Etsy SEO?

Well, now that you have an idea about the factors that play an important part in Etsy search results, it will be a lot easier for you to chalk out an SEO plan for your Etsy shop. Here are some important tips that might help you with the same:

Use Category in Listing Title

A category is one of those things that a buyer might search for. So, putting your category in the listing title will make it easier for Etsy to find a match. 

Use of Longtail Keywords

In this particular case, shorter keywords are most likely to play a second fiddle compared to longtail keywords. Using the same in your title is most likely going to help your listing get a better rank. This is because in most cases buyers who are searching with shorter keywords are not looking for any specific product or rather they have not set their minds to buy any product yet. But on the contrary, if a buyer searches with a specific longtail keyword, he or she is certainly looking to buy that particular product. So, it will certainly increase your chance to reach a potential customer with a specific longtail keyword rather than a short keyword.

Use of Primary Keyword

Your primary keyword is your best play in SEO. You have to make sure that while forming a title for your listing, the primary keyword gets priority. According to Etsy SEO experts, it is best to use the same within the first 30 characters of the Title. 


You have to understand that people might use different words to search for the same product. So, to meet this particular requirement, you need to consider the synonyms that people might use while searching for a particular product. You can put this in your listing description and the tags as well.

Keyword variations

Etsy is known for its unique algorithm that restricts the search results to have more than two products from the same seller that has the same sort of keywords. This is the reason why you need to use keyword variations and synonyms so that there is an outside chance for your products to get to the top of the search results even if they are the same or similar products.

Creativity does not work

You have to understand that SEO is like clockwork. It does not need creativity, especially when it comes to putting up a title for your listing. Having a creative title might help you with blogging, but for an Etsy shop, you should not be using your writing skills. It is pretty much simple to understand that while searching a product no one uses a fancy word or phrase to find a product. Buyers are going to use keywords or commonly used phrases to find their choice of product and that is exactly why creativity in putting up a title won’t be of great help.

Tags are important too

No matter what you put on your title, tags are important too. Etsy takes a good look at your tags while searching for a match which makes it really important to use your tags carefully. On an Etsy shop, you can actually use 13 tags to define your product. Putting up keywords, synonyms, short and longtail keywords might really help you get a better ranking in Etsy search results. But do remember that a tag can have a maximum of 20 characters and you have to take care of that too.

So, as you can understand, having an attractive, well-designed Etsy shop and high-quality products isn’t enough to help you get a great sale. To ensure that you reach your potential customers, you have to stress on Etsy SEO. It’s pretty simple to start with and with some more research, you can be near perfect. Also, do not forget to go through the listing guidelines for Etsy and everything should be fine.