Before you start an Etsy shop, you will have to choose a name. When it comes to choosing a shop name, you have to understand that first impression matters the most. Also, you need to think about the branding of your product or store in the future.

Apart from that, a shop name must be easy to comprehend and easy to remember for the users as well. You have to consider all these things and this is going to take some time for sure. Most certainly you will have more than one name in your mind and once you are satisfied with a particular name, you can decide to use that name as your Etsy shop name.

Charactertistics Of A Good Shop Name:
– Easy to remember
– Simple to spell
– Is not close to your competitor’s brand name
– Has domain availability
– Not too long

Methods are different for everyone

You have to understand one thing very clearly. There is no formula or steps that you might follow and get a suitable name for your shop. It varies from person to person, their priorities, their product, etc. Important thing is to make sure that you think clearly about your shop, products, etc. only and you will surely be able to find a suitable shop name.

Reviewing other’s shop name

In case you are not so sure how you can get started with this process, you can always start gathering some popular Etsy shop names which are currently being used. This will give you some idea about how you need to go about deciding a name. Remember that every single name was decided individually and most likely they were chosen for different reasons. So, it is better not to try and understand the reasons behind using that name; think what kind of name will suit you. Creativity is the key, yet it has to be easy to remember, and if possible, should be something related to the product that you sell.

What do you sell?

Think about what kind of product you are going to sell. While this might seem like a shortcut, there is no harm in it. Choosing a name related to your product niche will make your work a bit easier for sure.

Location of your Etsy shop

This is the worst possible solution you can think of, especially if you are selling your products globally or in multiple places within the same continent. Choosing to put up your location in the shop name makes the scope a lot smaller than you think.

Example: Custom Liners USA, Turkish Empire

Putting up your name

It’s really common amongst the shop owners to choose their name as the shop name. Well, in case you have a pretty much common name, it might not work well in the future or for that matter in case of branding but if you have a somewhat uncommon name, you might want to try this method of picking a name.

Example: Emma And The Bean, Sergio Rogetti, Jenny Crafts

Random objects

In most cases show owners who follow this method tend to choose an object that relates to their shop. Well, technically you can put up any object name from your store, but if the name signifies or relates to products in your shop, it would be great.

Example: 2 eggs project,

Customer’s feeling

Your sole goal of choosing a suitable name for your Etsy shop is to attract your customers. While doing so, you have to think about the type of audience that you might have in your store. This will certainly help you choose a name that will attract those people for sure. It’s ideal that you think about your customer’s feelings, understand, and then choose a name that will not only attract them but also will create an emotional bonding between your shop and them.

Example: So Good So Wood, Joyful Moose

Search on Google

In case you have spent a lot of time thinking about your store name without any success, it is obvious that you will eventually start running out of ideas. This is exactly where Google search might come handy. Also, if you use Google search to find a suitable name for your Etsy shop, make sure that there isn’t any other brand or shop using that same name. 

Use of variations

Sometimes it might so happen that you have chosen a name that is already in use or taken by another brand. In this sort of situation, you might want to add a word two to the original name which will make it a nice variation of what the original name is. This will also solve issues with copyright and branding problems 

Example: BlingzNthingz, Heelz

Try out a combination

In case you are unable to decide on a particular methodology and wish to try out a combination of maybe 2-3 methods, you can do this. This will not only help you get a unique name but also might encourage you to come up with something unique as well. That being said, you have to remember that choosing a name is all about creativity, no matter how many methodologies you wish to incorporate all together.

Example: Lena Lena Lingerie, Afrisocks


This method might work as well, or at least you will get some fresh yet, unique ideas for sure. However, there is a chance that you might get the same idea from multiple people if you ask more than enough people. That being said you can always give it a go, especially if you have an opportunity to share your thoughts with a group of people, you can always ask for their opinion about the Etsy shop name. 

Get some feedback

Choosing a shop name is always difficult, but it might become a bit easy if you can arrange feedback from your potential users or your friend circle. This will not only allow you to get valuable opinions but also might enable you to get some new and unique ideas as well.

So, what you are waiting for? Bring your creativity into action, think about the name that will not only suit your Etsy shop but also will attract your potential customers as well. Try different methodologies and see if you can find a unique yet suitable name for your Etsy shop!