Vlogging or video blogging is super popular today and is broadly populated by influencers, marketers, and brands for content promotion. It’s a whole career at this point!

400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Vlogging has become a powerful tool for individual and brand awareness, marketing, and promotion. With many platforms offering vlogging facilities, the trend is going strong. 

While there are video blogging platforms are many to count, YouTube has always been the leader. Uploading, sharing, and promoting videos on YouTube is super easy and effective as well. Naturally, all vloggers prefer to create YouTube channels to reach out to their audience. However, the competition to stand out amongst the crowd is very high. Everyone is struggling to get to the top spot to get as much visibility as possible. 

The first and essential first step is choosing a good name for your YouTube channel. Your channel’s name plays an important role in your popularity as a vlogger. It attracts attention, tells the audience what you are vlogging about, and helps spread the word.

How to think of a good name for your YouTube channel?

Naming your channel casually is a serious mistake that can cost you dearly now and later. Here are a few things that you can do to strike gold:

What Kind of Youtube Channel Do You Want To Create

The first step to choosing a good name is deciding what type your channel you want to create. There are four prominent channel name types – name, brand, descriptive, and category.

You can simply use your first and last name as your YouTube channel name if you want yourself to be the ‘face’.

If you are planning to create videos to promote your brand, the channel name should be the brand name. These two types are quite simple and straightforward. For the other two types, you have a bit of thinking to do. 

– Name: Jeffrey Star, Tuckr Budzyn, Safiyaa Nygaard
This is mostly for those vloggers who want to be an ‘authority’ in their niche whether beauty, pet space, lifestyle, foods, etc. As the channel grows, the person behind is likely to get popular.

-Brand: Buzzfeed Tasty, Business Insider, Crash Course
You might have heard of these brands/companies but may not have an idea of who are the people behind the development of videos. In the case of buzzfeed, the vloggers add a bit of their own personality in the branded videos and end up starting their personal channels also. Rie from Tasty anyone!

– Descriptive: Tea spill, Being Indian, LifeNoggin

– Category: JK Gear and Gadgets, AsapSCIENCE

Don’t be Generic or Too Specific

Your channel name should ideally be relevant to the videos that you are about to post. This mostly pertains to channel names that fall under the descriptive or category type. The name that you choose should tell the viewers what type of content they can find in your videos. Relevant names help increase viewership and improve search result positions on YouTube.

However, you should avoid being too generic or too specific. For example, if you want to post makeup tutorials for oily skin, avoid using this as the channel name as this is too specific. You will not be able to post tutorials about other skin types at a later stage even if you want to, thus limiting your reach.

Make It Catchy

Imagine that your channel becomes really famous? What name would you want millions of people to remember?

Linda Jackson2316? Nope.

Clevver Style? Maybe!

Do not make the name difficult to remember. If it is difficult to remember, you may fail to get returning visitors. Moreover, if the channel name is simple, it is easier for people to refer it to their friends, family, and acquaintances. So, think of a name that is out of the box, but short and simple, preferably no more than three words. 

Be unique

If you are planning to post videos on any of the common topics explored by hundreds of other YouTube channels, it is vital that you choose a unique channel name.

You should also find out if the channel name you are thinking of bears resemblance to any other channel name that already exists. This can create confusion and steal viewers, especially if the other channel is in the same domain as you. Once you have thought of a name, check for it on YouTube to see if there are any similar channel names.

Avoid numbers

It is never a good idea to include numbers in your channel name unless necessary. A common mistake that YouTubers make is using a number at the end of the channel name if the desired name is not available.

It creates the idea that you couldn’t invest time in finding a good, original name for your channel! This indicates that you aren’t quite dedicated to your work. It can also create confusion when people search for your channel online. Is it fifteen or 15? Most users will not try looking you up a second time. 

Look for expansion options

Before you finally name your channel, it is absolutely essential that you check for the domain name availability. You may want to create a website right now, but it would good to have that idea open for the future.

You should also check the availability of your preferred channel name on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more so that you can have the same identity everywhere. 

Take help from an online name generator

If you find it too difficult to brainstorm a good YouTube channel name or do not have enough time to ponder over the many available options, you can easily resort to an online name generator. And the best part is that most of these are free to use. Here are a few good YouTube channel name generators that you can use:

Spinxo is an easy-to-use name generator tool available online. It gives you name options based on topic, niche, keywords, important words, etc. Spinxo also gives you the option to check whether the username is available on other social media platforms. 

This is a great tool if you have SEO in mind. If you want your channel to be easily found, use Kparser that created names based on SEO keywords. You can also mix and match these options to create the perfect name. 

This is a very basic name-generating tool that requires only a word that you would like to see in the suffix or prefix and the tool will generate names accordingly.

Have you opened a Youtube Channel recently? Let me know your thought process behind the name of the channel in the comments below.