With an incredible 1 billion accounts active on Instagram every month, Instagram is a part of daily life for 1 in 7 people. Instagram was also a steadily growing platform but the growth skyrocketed thanks to Instagram stories. Snapchat was the inventor of the ‘1-day only’ story, Instagram took to it like fish to water!

Since you’re here for marketing advice, the question is- how do you make your stories stand out amongst the millions of stories that are posted every day on Instagram? Do you feel that your stories are getting overlooked because someone else has something more interesting to share? Well, that’s not uncommon in the present times.

If you want your stories to be ‘seen’ by more people on Instagram, you can tap in on the resources that IG provides to all its users, but are seldom used. Instagram offers a number of font options that can make your story more appealing and thus, attract the eyeballs it needs. 

How to make the best use of fonts for your Instagram Stories?

Instagram offers 4 standard font options- classic, modern, neon, typewriter and strong but there are some ways you can make them better:

#1 Experiment with different fonts

You may feel that Instagram has limited you to the use of only five fonts – modern, classic, typewriter, strong, and neon. However, there is a way to bypass this limitation. 

How to do it?

  1. Open your browser in a tab. 
  2. Open your Instagram app and then go to Stories. 
  3. Choose the photo that you want to share. Do not upload it. 
  4. Now go to the browser and go to any of the websites that create text in fancy fonts for you. 
  5. Use these text generators to create text in a font that you like the best. 
  6. Now copy the generated text to your clipboard. 
  7. Now go back to Instagram and go to the draft that you created. 
  8. Tap the Aa icon and long-press at the blinking cursor and select ‘Paste’.

Your story will have a new fancy font that no one may be using. 

#2 Use shadows

Type whatever you want to add to your Instagram story. Once done, create another copy of the same text. Then drag and place the copy text slightly over the original text. This will create a shadow effect that can attract attention easily. 

How to do it?

To achieve the shadow effect:

  1. Tap on the Text icon indicated by Aa. 
  2. Choose a font and type your text. 
  3. Select the text color, select Done, and enlarge the text as per your liking. 
  4. Position the text where you want. 
  5. Repeat the procedure, but this time, choose a different color for the text. 
  6. Drag the copy text and place it over the original one. Drag it slightly to the side to create the shadow effect. 

Note – You should use a darker color for the overlying text. 

#3 Use a solid background

To attract more attention to your call to action phrases, you can use a solid background. This will make your images, GIFs, text, etc. more prominent. 

How to do it?

  1. Select the picture that you want to use. You can also capture a picture. 
  2. Tap the marker/drawing icon. 
  3. Select the color that you want to use. 
  4. Tap the picture and long-press it. This will convert the background to a solid color. 
  5. You can add text, doodles, or GIF as needed. 

Note – If you want to share an Instagram post as a story, you can change its background color as well. After tapping on ‘Add Post To Your Story’, tap marker/drawing icon to change the background. 

#4 Color as you want

You may not know it, but Instagram does offer an entire color palette to choose from apart from the fixed 27 colors that pop up by default. You can use the color palette not only to create texts in your favorite color but also create multi-shaded texts. 

How to do it?

  1. Select the image that you want to share.
  2. Go to the text mode and highlight the text that you want to play with. 
  3. Select and press the color palette option present at the very bottom. This will allow you access to the entire color spectrum.
  4. Using one finger, surf through the color options available while using another to keep the chosen text highlighted. 
  5. By dragging both fingers to the left, you can select individual colors for all the letters in the text. 

Note – Don’t feel overwhelmed by the tricky process. You will get adept at it quickly. 

#5 Keep hashtags invisible

Hashtags make it is easier for your stories to be found by other Instagrammers. But they can ruin your story if they are too prominent. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid hashtags. You should use them but make sure that they stay hidden. 

instagram font

How to do it?

  1. Choose the image you want to share. 
  2. Add the hashtag that you want to add. 
  3. Place it at the corner and select a solid background. 
  4. Select the hashtag so that the text is highlighted. 
  5. Select the Pen icon. 
  6. Drag the Pen after tapping it. Take it as close as possible to the hashtag background. The tag will match with the background. 
  7. This will hide the hashtag and it will remain invisible.

#6 Try the Eraser tool

You can make pictures or texts look more appealing by revealing only parts of them. This can be done by using the eraser tool. 

How to do it?

  1. Choose an image of your liking from your library. 
  2. Select the marker/drawing icon and choose a color. 
  3. Long press the image to turn it to a solid background. 
  4. Now select the Eraser tool. 
  5. Try doodling or revealing parts of the image by using the eraser. 

#7 Make the best of animated fonts

Not only can you choose different fancy fonts for your IG stories, but you can also use animated fonts. 

How to do it?

  1. Download HyperType and open it. 
  2. Choose a picture to upload.
  3. Tap twice on the animated text to edit it. 
  4. Type the desired text in the new window. 
  5. Place the text in the desired position. 
  6. When done, click on the Done button at the top. 
  7. If you want to add more fonts, tap the ‘T’ icon. 
  8. Tap on Save and download the image. 
  9. Go to Instagram and upload the recently modified picture. 

Note – HyperType is free to use. But the free version adds a little watermark. You can try the paid version to avoid the watermark. 

Instagram stories are a great way to reach out to a wide audience base in a very simple way. They are useful for individuals, marketers, and brands and can keep your audience glued to your content. And now that you know how to create appealing and interesting stories by using font hacks, there’s no looking back!