What is ToFu, MoFu & BoFu?

Online marketing is not that easy to start with. There are loads of difficulties in not only chalking out a proper strategy but also in executing them to perfection. There are certain ways that can definitely help you in the long run. Tofu, MoFu, and BoFu are amongst those well-known ways that can be your friend in the hour of need. These words are not only one of the most used terms in the field of inbound marketing but also is the most powerful part of any marketing strategy as well. 

Although these terms might sound like they are some sort of food, in reality, they are part and parcel of different marketing stages that a buyer must go through. If you treat your marketing strategy as a funnel, the bottom, middle, and top of the funnel are respectively known as BoFU, MoFu, and ToFu. Each of these stages is equally important in a buyer’s journey, and more importantly, to ensure that all these stages work like a magic, you have to feed proper content at the right time and you will have your sale.

Well, as a marketing expert, you must understand your client. Any inbound lead is really difficult to convert and most likely half of them will never be on your sale list ever. So instead of trying the old school techniques to market your product, it’s time to use the advantages of ToFu, MoFu, and Bofu and use your promotional tactics in an efficient way.

1. Top of the Funnel: ToFu

While working with your marketing strategy you need to think a lot; how you can attract your potential customers, how to convert them, how to approach them, etc. But the truth is your first job at ToFu is to attract relevant traffic who is interested in certain conversations or topics. You do not have to filter your audience or think about your steps to convert them. Your blog could be a useful tool in attracting your potential customers in this phase of your marketing strategy. 

Well, remember that you are encouraging them to move to your next stage of sales funnel and not offering them any kind of product or service through your blog. You will have enough time to do that; just concentrate on the call-to-action on your blog posts to get enough conversion opportunities in the next stage. 

Write engaging content for your audience, addressing their needs or some specific requirements or questions. This should be good enough to trigger a call-to-action for your next stage of the marketing funnel. 

2. Middle of the Funnel: MoFu

Once you find a lead from your ToFu content, you need to take him or her through your next phase of the funnel, the MoFu stage. According to marketing experts, this phase of marketing is said to be the most difficult part of your sales strategy. Reason being the effective diversity amongst your leads, you are never going to know who is your actual target audience for the BoFu stage is.

Content for this phase must also deal with the knowledge that your lead might be looking for, but additionally, you will have to start putting up your product, or company as a solution to your lead’s questions or needs. The challenge is to keep your lead engaged in something like Advanced eBooks while feeding him or her with the knowledge of a solution. The best way to introduce your company or product will be to bring on case studies, quizzes, white papers, videos, etc. 

3. Bottom of the Funnel: BoFu

So, this is the last phase of your marketing funnel. You have successfully attracted your leads using your ToFu content and have fed them interesting facts through your MoFu content and now they are knocking your door for the solution that you have promised them. You need to be proactive in this phase and make sure you do nothing wrong to ensure your sale.

As a marketing expert, you need to understand the product or service that you are selling. Different industries need to have different strategies in this final stage. One might have to use a content-based approach to sell a product, while free trials, assessments, etc. might do nicely for others. In case you are here to showcase your e-commerce based items, it might be a good opportunity to allow your target audience to have a discount coupon for their current and future purchases. As you can understand, the level of diversity in the approach is the critical pick for this stage. It basically depends on what you are selling and what can attract your leads to convert into a sale. 

Are you ready with your content?

Content can be a strategic part of your digital marketing and well-written content with optimized call-to-action might be the key to your success. ToFu and MoFu, to be specific, are going to be content-sensitive and you have to be precise with what you are trying to feed your target audience. If you go astray or cannot impress your lead enough, they may never go to the last stage or the BoFu stage. 

You have to remember that your potential lead is never a qualified sale until they are at the final phase; hence it is absolutely necessary that you create a nice bonding of trust via your content only. ToFu content will give you the chance to engage them and provide them with all the knowledge they might need while MoFu content will start showing them a way to a specific solution which is your product or service. Once they are convinced, only then will you have the chance to implement and execute your last phase of marketing strategies. So, plan your different stages of marketing funnel very carefully, value your content, and you will definitely have the chance to convert more leads into sales.