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Youtube Ideas That Will Make You Money in 2020

youtube channel ideas

In this article, I’m gonna give you 20 channel ideas that are actually ready to explode in 2020 in very popular hot niches. And these channels can actually give you money outside of just Google Ads aka the ads you see on YouTube. #1 A planner channel. If you guys are someone that plans out […]

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The Marketer’s Guide To Instagram Polls & Good Examples

Instagram Story poll

Looking for ways to get your followers on Instagram to interact with you? Do you want to get feedback or suggestions on Instagram from your followers in a quick and cost-effective way? In this article, you’ll learn how to create polls in Instagram Stories, how to analyze the results and see how the Pros use […]

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Good YouTube Names – Youtube channel name generator + How to Brainstorm

Vlogging or video blogging is super popular today and is broadly populated by influencers, marketers, and brands for content promotion. It’s a whole career at this point! 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute Vlogging has become a powerful tool for individual and brand awareness, marketing, and promotion. With many platforms offering vlogging […]

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How Facebook Polls Can Help Marketers

Polls have been in use for years even when there was no Facebook. Having a poll on a certain question can reveal a lot of interesting ideas and facts that one might not be aware of. Keep in mind though that you cannot run a poll on a personal profile. There is no option to […]

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Instagram Appreciation- PacvacVacuums

instagram pacvac

Pacvac: Pacvac began operations in Perth, Western Australia in 1978, designing and manufacturing cleaning products for the Australian commercial cleaning market. Today, they distribute extensive cleaning range across the world and are sought after as the leading brand for backpack vacuum cleaners. Take a look at their Instagram profile. Instagram Style: Being an established company […]

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Font Hacks for Instagram Stories That Will Help You Stand Out

Instagram font

With an incredible 1 billion accounts active on Instagram every month, Instagram is a part of daily life for 1 in 7 people. Instagram was also a steadily growing platform but the growth skyrocketed thanks to Instagram stories. Snapchat was the inventor of the ‘1-day only’ story, Instagram took to it like fish to water! […]

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Facebook Cover Videos- All You Need To Know

Move over Facebook cover photos, it is time to try out Facebook cover videos. While testing for this new feature started in mid-2017, it wasn’t until recently that the feature was made available for all Facebook pages. However, the feature isn’t currently available for Facebook profiles.  What Are Facebook Cover Videos? Before we delve into […]

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