30 Marketing and Sales Tips For Small Businesses

sales tips

1 You Need A Business Plan When was the last time you looked at your business goals?You need to know what you’re trying to achieve to be able to put a plan inplace to get there 2 Also a Sales & Marketing Plan Where you turn your business goals into marketing objectives including branding, content […]

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How To Do SEO for Etsy

seo for etsy

Etsy Shop SEO – What you should know! Getting your Etsy store ready is really easy but having a store does not guarantee that you will start getting huge sales right away. To do so, you have to reach your potential customers and that is exactly where SEO comes into play. Optimizing your product list […]

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How to Start a New Business While Working Full-Time

Many people dream of setting up a business doing what they love and being their own boss. Imagine setting your own hours, working in your pyjamas and employing the people you want to work with. Sounds like heaven, right? But how do you get started without a huge bank balance? Is it possible to start […]

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How To Choose The Best Etsy Shop Name + Examples!

Before you start an Etsy shop, you will have to choose a name. When it comes to choosing a shop name, you have to understand that first impression matters the most. Also, you need to think about the branding of your product or store in the future. Apart from that, a shop name must be […]

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How To Make Extra Money With Side Job Apps?

side job apps

Do you find it difficult to pay your bills with your current job? Do you need extra money to pay off your debts? Well, there is more than one way you could do so. You can start doing side jobs to earn extra money so that you can pay bills easily or be free of […]

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