1 You Need A Business Plan

When was the last time you looked at your business goals?
You need to know what you’re trying to achieve to be able to put a plan in
place to get there

2 Also a Sales & Marketing Plan

Where you turn your business goals into marketing objectives including branding, content planning, creation & execution for email, social media.

3 Create A Customer Profile

Do you know your customers well enough? Do you know who they follow, and who they resonate with? Do you know where to find them

4 Audit Your Social Media

Ensure all of your bio, links, images, ‘About Us’ is current and reflective of your brand Make sure it is very clear what you do and who you are + where they can buy or contact you!

5 Add a ‘Call To Action’ to All Your Communications
Make it easy for customers to do what you want. Book Now, Download Here, Buy Here -Think about active links and messages on your digital presence, including your email signature.

6. Create a LinkedIn Profile For Your Business

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you might want to think about it!
Particularly for service-based businesses, this is a great space to reach your ideal client.

#7 Start an Email List

Nothing is as valuable as having an email address. Create an Email Marketing Strategy for your business including your welcome sequence, a regular newsletter, and content.

8. Create a Lead Magnet

People will join your email list if you offer them something in exchange for value. Consider the pain points of your ideal- customer and create a freebie to attract them to your list.

9. Consider Hosting A Challenge

Whether it’s a 3, 5 or 7-day challenge, this type of activity (that provides value to your ideal client) can be a great opportunity to grow followers, subscribers, and ultimately more opportunities to convert them into clients.

10. Collaborations and Influencers

The benefit of reaching a new audience. Think about some similar but non-competing businesses that you could collaborate with and any influencers that might align with your brand.

11. Paid Advertising

It’s a ‘pay to play’ space now on social media. Facebook advertising is a cost-effective method to get your product/service in front of the right audience. Plus, retargeting campaigns are invaluable when it comes to conversion. This is a skill you definitely need in your arsenal.

12. Install The Facebook Pixel On Your Website

Trust us, you’re going to want to do this ASAP. This will set you up to retarget traffic that comes to your website from Day 1 with your paid advertising campaigns.

13.Google Analytics

It is a FREE analytics tool provided by Google to help you better understand your web traffic, and if you have a website or a blog that you are looking to grow and/or monetize then – yes, you need it. Be sure to set up an account and start analyzing.

#14 Optimize Your Website

With copy that converts, a technical SEO audit, create a path to purchase through active links and call to actions plus ensure that your key sales messages and promotional activity is featured and updated regularly.

15. Promotional Calendar

Identify the seasonal trends, retail trends, industry trends and any other significant dates that impact your business. Include your product launches and events and plan four of your sales and promotional activity that will support these key dates. We recommend you review this quarterly but consider the annual events.

16. Schedule Your Social Media Content

Planning and scheduling your curated content saves time and ensures that your content is relevant, relatable and also in line with the strategic direction of your marketing plan. There are many third-party apps that support scheduling. This will save you time, and your social media strategy will be executed successfully, and with greater engagement.

17. Guest blogs
Find opportunities for you to feature with other businesses, and also consider those that will offer value and content to your ideal client. Ideally, there should be a mutual benefit for both to address a new audience.

18. Get A Feature On A Podcast Or Create on!

There’s a reason shy the podcast space is popular- it’s because everyone is listening. It’s a great way to speak to an audience that may not have heard of you and to get your brand in front of them.

#19 Join A Facebook Group

Another way to make your followers sticky is to offer a valuable space for an exchange of content, engagement and often advice. Consider offering discounts, early access, additional value to these committed members.

#20.Create Your Own Facebook Group

Another way to make your followers sticky is to offer a valuable space for an exchange of content, engagement and often advice. Consider offering discounts, early access, additional value to these committed members.

#21 Write A Press Release
There’s nothing wrong with a little DIY Public Relations. You may have a story of interest for a local publication/press or online media.

#22 Google My Business
Create a Google My Business Page for your business. Not only will this assist in your Google ranking, but it will also provide additional SEO opportunities for your business and additional information for your customers using the search engine to find you.

23. Reviews & Testimonials
Ask for a review – EVERY TIME! Nothing speaks louder than a positive review, and more and more people are looking to these before purchasing. Use the reviews in your content, plus, ensure that they are delivered online with either Facebook or Google Review

#24 Contra- Deals
Particularly for service-based businesses, and in the early days when money is tight. You may be able to trade-in ‘service/time/expertise’ vs. $$. This can come in handy when setting up your own business and reducing those operating expenses.

#25 Competitions
Nothing like a FREE giveaway to get people interested! Is there an opportunity to collaborate and/or engage with an influencer’s audience? And think about how you can collect the entry details so that you can market to those people afterward via your email marketing.

#26 Have A Sale!
Clear some stock, offer a discount, slow-moving stock – last season, end of the financial year – in the ‘retail’ space you may need to participate in some form of Sales activity to generate activity.

27. Affiliate Programs
Service providers and businesses may find that the best form of leads come via referrals. Consider putting in place some form of affiliate or referral program where an endorsement will move you closer to conversion.

#28 Film It!
It’s likely there are Facebook communities and groups that are relative to your business/industry. This can be a great place to engage and ascertain profiling intel, not to mention, introductions that can lead to sales. It’s no surprise that ‘video’ is now pretty much expected vs. a nice to have when it comes to content. How to start? Just jump in. An iPhone can do it all. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will increase your connection with your ideal customer.

29. Repurpose your content

Are you making the most of your content? A blog post can be a social media post, can be an IGTV, can be uploaded to YouTube, can be used as a
guest blog post for another audience….the list goes on! Spread your message and save your valuable time.

30. Get Help From The Experts!
If you’re struggling for ideas or feel like your business is ‘stuck’ and you need to innovate – getting support from marketing experts will definitely provide a ‘return on investment’.