If you have just started blogging, you must be pretty excited about it. Blogging is an excellent way to share ideas, thoughts, and information. Moreover, it can earn you good money too if you do it right.

That said, I have seen many newbie bloggers fail to achieve success with blogging. Most of the time, this happens because amateur blogs make mistakes that affect their blogs and cause irreparable damage. Worried? Well, you needn’t, because in this guide I will tell you about the most common mistakes that amateur blogs make and how to avoid them. 

#1 Choosing Free Hosting

Most new bloggers do not understand how paid or free hosting can make a difference. And since free hosting platforms are so popular and offer a variety of ‘interesting’ features for free, many are led to believe that free hosting is good enough for their blog. Well, this is the very first mistake that many bloggers make.

Free hosting will never give you total control over your blog. What you post, how you design, and how you present your blog will all be controlled by the platform. And worse still is they can take down any content they feel is inappropriate and your blog may take a hit. So, pay up for your hosting before you even think of expanding your blog. 

#2 Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Another reason why many bloggers fail is that they expect results fast. I understand that you want to see the results of your venture, but trying to rush things up isn’t going to do any good. You cannot expect results overnight. It takes months to build up your audience and gain their trust. So, if you want your blog to get your profits fast, you will end up frustrated and may want to dump your blogging career too soon. If that isn’t what you want, take it easy!

#3 Choosing a difficult blog name

When it comes to selecting a blog or domain, many amateur blogs go fancy. I have seen blog names that are either too intellectual or too fancy. They may sound unique but are often too difficult to remember. The result? Well, it will be hard for your readers to remember the name and they may fail to return to your blog even if they liked what you shared. You lose your audience easily.

Also, it will be problematic for your readers to recommend your blog to friends and family. You lose more audience and your blog takes a hit. Avoid making such a mistake and choose a name that is simple, meaningful, and is easy to remember and you will thank yourself later. 

#4 Not paying attention to blog design

Many newbies want to cut short the expenses that they make towards their blog. Trying to make do with a free theme is not a good idea for many reasons. For one, most free themes are pretty basic and unappealing. Even if you find a free theme that looks nice, it is difficult for a non-technical guy to customize the theme as needed. This often results in an eyesore in the name of a blog.

A poorly designed blog will surely repel visitors and readers, something that you really don’t want. So, don’t be a miser and spend some money on a nice theme and an expert to set everything up for you. 

#5 Lacking a plan

Many who take up blogging think that it is only about posting content. That, however, is far from being the truth. Posting content on your blog will not get you visitors that you need. You need to have a plan about how you want to reach out to your audience and get them to read your blog posts. This will include promoting your blog posts and interacting with readers personally.

You can also adopt several other techniques like email marketing, guest posting, etc. to make your blog popular. Whatever you do, I suggest you chalk out a plan first, or your venture may fall flat on your face.

#6 Lack of originality

To make your blog a success and earn you good profits, you need to be original. Whatever you share with your audience must be original, be it thoughts, ideas, or information. Copying content into your blog is a very big mistake and you will never be able to gain an audience. Blogging is not about copying others content into your blog, however fantastic they may be. It is about expressing yourself in your own amazing way.

#7 Being inconsistent

Imagine yourself working at an office. You have to work every day and fulfil your daily work quota. What would happen if you absent yourself from work frequently? You will get a bad reputation for yourself and may soon be fired. That’s the end of your job.

The same applies to your blogging career. Just because there is no one to give you orders, don’t get sloppy about your blog. You should be consistent about posting content to your blog to keep readers engaged. No one will follow your blog if your posts are few and far between. 

#8 Ignoring Social Media

Social media platforms are not just for sharing your pictures. It is also a good platform for promotion and you better harness its benefits for your blog. I have seen amateur blogs with no Facebook pages and no option for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram sharing.

That is a blunder and your blog will miss out on the huge traffic that social media could direct to your blog. If you do not want to end up as a failure, use social media sharing to its full potential. Share all your posts on social media, gather followers and likes, and you will see an automatic surge in traffic. 

#9 Not Using SEO

You will grow an audience only if you are found by your potential readers. If no one knows that your blog exists, no one will ever visit it, let alone subscribe to it and become a returning visitor. So, if you are starting a new blog, it is best to start using SEO from the very beginning.

I understand that SEO doesn’t give you results instantly and that may be frustrating, but you have to hold on tight and you will see results soon. Just because SEO isn’t a quick process, never give up on it. You can thank me later for the great results that you get. 

#10 Not Monetizing

Everyone I have ever met loves money. Are you different? Don’t you want money to flow in and fill your bank accounts? If you do, you should never slip up on money-making opportunities for your blog.

If you are running an affiliate marketing blog, make sure that you use your affiliate links wherever possible (stay away from being too salesy). If you are using Google Ads, place your ads in strategic positions that attract the attention of the readers without being obtrusive. Change the position of your ads at regular intervals so that they do not get ignored. 

Running your blog is not easy work and I don’t want to make you believe so. But I can assure that you, too, can succeed with blogging like many others have done. You just need to steer clear of the amateurish mistakes bloggers make and you can see yourself up the ladder soon!